The 3 Day Potty Training USA 2021

The 3 Day Potty Training USA 2021

WHAT is The 3 Day Potty Training Method?

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Before you decide to jump in and go to the bathroom, you should familiarize your child with using the bathroom. Let your child walk you to the bathroom and teach him what big boys and girls do.

Most kids are excited to learn about bathroom etiquette. Show them how the toilet flush works and how to wash their hands. Look for signs of readiness and enthusiasm, such as your child telling you when he has to urinate or defecate; ask you to use the potty; feeling upset about a dirty diaper.

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Whether or not to wear a diaper during naps and at night during the three-day potty training is a personal decision. Some believe it is easier to learn to go to the bathroom completely during the day, naps, and at night; others train in stages.

Tips for learning to use the bathroom
Have your child use the bathroom before leaving home and immediately after reaching her destination.
Bring several changes of clothes and underwear when you go out.

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